Unique Benefits of WoodStraw® ECM:

  • 100% Weed Free

  • 100% Pesticide / Chemical Free

  • Resistant to High Winds

  • Economical - Will not have to replace it

  • Prevents Rill Formation

  • Minimizes Dust (PM10)

  • Promotes Revegetation

  • Long Lasting (4+ Years)

  • Convenient - 50 lb. and 600 lb. bales

  • Walk / Drive on it

  • Animals Will Not Eat It

  • Attractive

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WoodStraw® is a patented, engineered wood-strand erosion control material with highly effective wind and water erosion control characteristics useful for burned area emergency response (BAER), road maintenance / obliteration, mine reclamation, construction and any other disturbed soil projects.

WoodStraw® Brochures and Specifications

WoodStraw® Brochure

WoodStraw® Wind Erosion Brochure

WoodStraw® Vineyards and Wineries Brochure

WoodStraw® Aerial Application Brochure

WoodStraw® Technical Data Sheet

Quotes / Orders: 253.333.9663 or Toll Free 877.838.4759

Press Release - Forest Concepts Licenses WoodStraw® Production from Beetle-Kill Trees to Colorado Company (June 2012) Mountain Pine Manufacturing, Inc., of Steamboat Springs, Colorado was granted the exclusive right to manufacture, distribute, and sell Engineered Wood-based Mulch within a five state area.

Video interview with Trent Jones of Mountain Pine Manufacturing on Steamboat Today newspaper website.

Available for download - Environmental Connection Magazine Wood Mulch Coverage article parts 1 & 2 (Vol 6 Issue 4, Vol 7 Issue 1

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